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Music Manuscripts of the Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg up to the Middle of the 17th Century

Music manuscripts of the Augsburg State and City Library up to the Middle of the 17th Century

The music manuscripts of the Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg, founded in 1537, take up an important position within the Renaissance holdings of the Fugger city. Most of them originate from Augsburg monasteries and foundations. Particularly noteworthy are the musical materials from the former Benedictine monastery of St. Ulrich and Afra with an important collection of large-format choir books. Among them are the Magnificat compositions by Orlando di Lasso, richly decorated with illuminations (Tonk Schl 13).

The cultural importance of Augsburg and its civic musical life at the time of Emperor Maximilian I is reflected in the so-called "Augsburg Songbook", which contains a compilation of motets, chansons and songs from the early 16th century (2 Cod 142a). The volume shows the bookplate of the patrician family Herwart and contains partly unikal pieces by highly respected and important composers of the time such as Ludwig Senfl, Heinrich Isaac, Jacob Obrecht, Josquin Desprez, Alexander Agricola and others.

In addition to the fully digitized sources, the thermographed watermarks are also provided.

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